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City of Drammen
Thursday, 28 April 2005 14:34
Number of inhabitants57 148
Number of inhabitants per km²417
Dispersion of industriesRaw material 3,5%
Industry 13,8 %
Services 82,7 %
(Source: Statistics Norway)


Drammen - The Capital of Buskerud County
 Drammen – The City by the River

Drammen is situated at the mouth of the long and scenic Drammen river valley. The river is well known for salmon anglers, but also for being cleaned and included into the city centre with its park and leisure areas along the banks on both sides. 

The Spiral tunnel
"Spiralen" made Drammen famous in 1961, and still is a well known reference to the city: a tunnel winding six times in an upward spiral inside the mountain leading up to a look out point with a magnificent view over the city, the fjord, the river and the surrounding mountains.  

Almost 200 years old
Drammen has been a city for less than two centuries, but rock carvings and other relics of the past prove that there have been people in the area for about 6000 years. The city of Drammen was established in 1811 when the towns Bragernes on the north side of the river, and Strømsø and Tangen on the south side were united. Drammen, with its 57 000 inhabitants, is the tenth largest city in Norway.  

The river has always been important
The river has played an important part throughout the history of Drammen and has also given the city its name. Drafn, meaning "muddy water", was the original name of the river, as the strong currents whirled up and brought with them sand and gravel. For many years there were lots of sawmills and factories along the banks, and the river was important for the floating of timber from the forests to the mills, and also for freight of timber to the harbour for export. 

Sustainable environment
After a thorough cleaning in the nineteen nineties and the development of well kept parks with pedestrian and bicycle paths, benches and beaches along the banks, the river is once again a natural part of the city. Drammen has gained national recognition for the last years' determined work with integrated spatial city-and city centre planning.  

Transport, trade and industry
Transport is important for the Drammen trade and industry, and the city is a junction for road, rail and ship. Drammen Port is often used by international shipping companies. Food industry and several big and small companies within electronics and graphic industry are important sectors for employment in Drammen. Drammen is the centre for shopping for more than 100 000 people from the city and its surrounding areas including neighbouring municipalities  

Towards an environment for higher education and research
The process of gathering various institutions for higher education which includes combined specialists' and public library in one centre has started. Drammen Campus, Library and Business Incubator ("Papirbredden") will be the engine in the further process of developing and maintaining a sustainable environment for education and research in Drammen. The Campus will significantly contribute to Drammen's assets as the regional capital and be an engine for growth and development throughout the region.

Arenas for collaboration  
Drammen plays an active part in regional collaboration arenas such as Rådet for Drammensregionen (The Council of the Drammen Region), Vestregionen (the municipalities west of Oslo), and the Oslo Region.)   

Twin towns:
·        Ørebro (Sweden)
·        Kolding (Denmark)
·        Stykkisholmur (Iceland)
·        Lappenranta (Finland)

Partner in EU-Interreg lll B- project VISP
(2004 – 2007)
Vitalizing City Centres through Integrated Spatial Planning with:Mölndal (Sweden)- Lead partnerHamburg-Harburg (Germany)Enschede (The Netherlands)Kortrijk (Belgium)Matlock (England)

Drammen Municipality
Engene 1N -3008 Drammen

Official website for the Municipality of Drammen  


Steinar Valset, Advisor

(Chief Municipal Executive – Section for Planning and Finance)

Phone: +47 32 04 60 10
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